Rice crispie cake :)

Bored and looking for something nice to eat? most people will have the ingredients needed to make rice crispies cakes in their cuboards! 


> rice crispies

> chocolate

> marshmallows, malteaser, minstrels, M&m’s (optional) 


> break the chocolate bar into squares and place in a bowl.

> melt the chocolate bar in the microwave, or place place the bowl of chocolate over a pot of boiling water, melt the chocolate until the lumps dissapear and the chocolate is smooth!

> once the chocolate is melted, add the rice crispie and keep stirring them with a spoon until they are all covered in chocolate. 

> flatten the rice crispies im the bowl by using the back of a spoon, and then place some sweets on top(optional).

> place the bowl in the fridge, and leave the rice crispie cake to set for 1hr. 

Here’s a picture of the one I made tonight! 



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